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Culture of service at Magnolia Manor
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Recently Magnolia Manor on the Coast received the Small Business of the Year award for 2009 from the Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce. Serving the senior population of Richmond Hill is both an honor and a privilege. I thought I would take the opportunity of this column to thank the many people and organizations that support our cause; as well as share with everyone what we feel is important to the success of serving others. No business is perfect, but this information is too important not to share.
Our vision is to be a leading provider of retirement living opportunities -- bringing the best resources of staff, facilities, programs and Christian compassion to focus on meeting the needs of our residents and their families. Our motto is: The resident first because I CARE! This simple statement helps everyone remember what is most important when serving others. It is sometimes hard to adhere to the concept of service before self…but the rewards are far reaching.
It is important to promote and implement something unique about your business and/or the services you offer. Our Renaissance Living Initiative exists because we believe if you have a pulse, you have a purpose. We ask the question: “What are your interests and how can we continue to expand your horizons?” Whether it’s art and culture, spiritual care a growth, or health and wellness….today’s ACTIVE senior wants a life of RENEWAL, not retirement.
It is important to develop a working culture that you can live with anywhere, anytime. Magnolia Manor is a Servant Leader Organization. While EVERYONE is looking for the right combination of business strategies to make their operation a success – Servant Leadership is a tried, tested and true way to do business. Servant Leadership is NOT a program, it’s a CULTURE. It is based on these eight tenets that I’m sure you will agree are the backbone of every successful man, woman and organization.

Servant Leaders demonstrate patience. They are humble, kind and respectful. They work selflessly, and are forgiving. They are committed and hold others accountable…and they are honest! Living in the Servant Leadership culture has not only made me a better business leader, it has helped me to become a better person.
Last and probably most important, be sure to embrace your community and it will embrace you in return. Enlist and involve as many local organizations as possible to help you carry out your mission – besides, you can’t do it alone! Bringing people with you as you work to achieve your best will bring out the best in everyone. Your community will prosper and in the long run support you even more.
We could not be in business without our local city and county agencies such as the fire department, police and sheriff departments, health department and emergency management teams. Our local doctors and area hospitals, library, stores and pharmacies, churches, schools and the business community at large all play a vital role as community partners to help us realize our vision and potential.
This is where your chamber membership really works for you. The Chamber holds the key that opens the door to your community partners. Remember, there is strength in numbers. Many thanks to the Chamber directors, administration and membership for all their efforts and support for this wonderful, growing community. Magnolia Manor is proud to be a Chamber member and your community partner.

DeLong is administrator of Magnolia Manor on the Coast in Richmond Hill.

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