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Couple grateful for courtesy during trip
Letter to the editor

Editor, We left Florida for our trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania on Nov. 15. We stopped at the Denny’s restaurant in Richmond Hill for breakfast, as we usually do. The restaurant was crowded, so we had to wait to be seated.
There was a young couple with two young boys waiting in line and we spoke with them. When we were seated, we found that they were in the booth next to us. The boys were very well-behaved and I commented on that to the woman.
When we were ready to leave, the woman and the boys were standing back waiting for the man to pay, and we talked again. I told her how nice and neat the boys looked when so many young people don’t seem to take pride in their appearance anymore. She said that they were having pictures taken that day.
Imagine our surprise when my husband got to the register to pay for our meal and the cashier said their was no charge because the couple ahead of us had paid our bill. We went outside to try to catch the family, but we did not see which vehicle they got into.
So, it was our turn to pay it forward, and we did. We hope that the next people kept this nice gesture going.
We think that lovely family must live in your area since they were having pictures taken there. We hope they see this letter and know how much we appreciate what they did. It certainly made our day a little brighter.  

— Bill and Anita Helbig
Avon Park, Florida

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