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Country endangered by apathy
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We are getting too lazy in America. We have more enthusiasm for “Dancing with the Stars” than we do for the political issues that mold our lives and the well-being of our families. To overcome apathy, we need principles and the interest to carry through with those principles.
Americans need to become more involved in politics and the involvement must start now — before we find ourselves with a dictator, like the people of Cuba and North Korea. When a democracy allows its elected officials to do whatever they want, the elected officials gain power over the people and they eventually rule the people. The people no longer regulate the leader.
A democracy doesn’t die from external forces, but from a slow extinction caused by apathy and indifference. When Americans don’t vote or refuse to become part of the process, those who do will control our destiny. We need outrage when our government steps beyond its constitutional bounds. Only through action will “we the people” keep the hope of a free life alive.
I am reminded of a song, “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,” by Bob Dylan. It goes, “It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why. It don’t matter anyhow. Don’t think twice. It’s all right.”
Dylan said it right. We cannot sit back and wonder why. We have to become involved and think for ourselves rather than let the pack lead the individual.
There are people who claim they don’t know enough about the democratic process to get involved. Why don’t you know? CNN and Fox broadcast the latest happenings in the world 24/7. What’s more important, the “Real Housewives” from wherever or your liberty? The Internet is full of information — if you are willing to tear yourself away from Facebook.
Many would-be voters claim they don’t care. They’re too self-absorbed to care about what is going to affect their lives and their children’s future. The greatest nation in the ancient world, the Roman Empire, disappeared because its population was too self-absorbed with wealth and pleasures. Rome collapsed from the inside — not from the outside.
Many people claim they’re too busy. Right — too busy buying two cars, a TV for every room, the latest fashions and electronics, thereby requiring most families to be two-income families so they can accumulate “things.” These people become too busy to see that their government is undermining their job future, leading to high unemployment, home repossessions and the loss of the American dream.
Still other people say we should just “leave well enough alone.” They think they can’t do anything so they might as well just leave it alone. Thinking you can’t do anything to improve a situation is a defeatist attitude and it’s not the American way. Just look at what a ground swell was created when individual voices came together and the Tea Party was born.
And then there are those who say they’re just not interested. This attitude only will take you so far and, at some point, the government will do what it wants. And it will take away your right to do your own thing without government permission.
Excuses. We have become a nation of excuses and apathy. Only vigilance and control over our government will keep us free.

Calderone is a conservative who lives in Midway. He is a professional salesperson and for 30 years has written articles for trade publications in various fields.

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