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Conference center
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When it comes to the continuing fuss over the planned conference center at J.F. Gregory Park, Mayor Richard Davis said something interesting at Richmond Hill’s city council meeting Tuesday. He in essence said that if residents knew the facts about the project, they’d support it.

So here's a thought, mayor: hold that public hearing opponents of the center have been asking for.

It could be a win win situation for the city and for the public, in more ways than one.

For one thing, it will give the city the opportunity to provide its facts and figures on the conference center directly to the public. And if Davis is right, that will put to rest most or perhaps all opposition to the plan.

For another, it will provide residents a chance to have their say on the project - pro or con - and that's never a bad thing in a free society.

But so far, Richmond Hill has been against holding another full blown public hearing, claiming not only was one held in 2005 but there have been a good number of city council meetings since November 2007, when the project was moved to J.F. Gregory Park, for people to express their views. As of Tuesday's meeting, only two people have showed up at a council meeting to speak out against the current conference center plan - which tends to support the city's contention another public hearing is unnecessary.

On the other hand, it's hard to debate one argument made by those in favor of another public hearing on the conference center: this isn't the same project it was in 2005. And that's reason enough to hold another public hearing - even if only two people show up.

Bryan County News

April 19 2008



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