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Unusual incidents happens
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From time to time, I guess we all are involved in unusual incidents that we may never forget and that they may occur in the most unexpected places.
One occurred at a major grocery store right here in Richmond Hill – sometimes, these incidents are delightful and helpful.
I pride myself in making a really good pizza. In planning a pizza party for my guests, it was necessary to go to the grocery store to buy pizza mix. I knew for certain that a store in another area sold my favorite pizza mix. However, the Richmond Hill store was much closer, and I thought surely they would have the mix, and I would save myself a trip to boot.
Being pleased with my thoughts and loading my cart with other items, I looked for the pizza mix. After looking all over the store – even asking two store clerks – still, there was no luck.
One told me about one location, and the other, another location. I became frustrated nearly to the point of being downright disgusted and decided not to buy anything at this store.
Parking my partially loaded cart right in the middle of an aisle, I stomped out of the store; and thought, “Let the store clerks put the stuff back in its places.”
I then drove to the other store where they had the pizza mix. Leaving the store with six boxes of the mix and a few other items, I was happy again. Halfway home, I realized, the bread, crackers and cheese were forgotten.
Since the local store was now the closest at this point, I decided to just drop by there again, and buy the bread, crackers and cheese. I got a cart as before, and again, pushed it up and down the aisles. Pushing the cart to a certain location, what do you think I saw?
There sat the partially loaded cart exactly where I had left it. Since it contained everything needed, the bread, crackers and cheese, I simply parked my cart and instead pushed that one to the checkout counter. What a trip.
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