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The shining city on the hill
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Here in Richmond Hill and everywhere else, isn’t it time we do a little flag-waving and count our blessings, even if we are trying to deal with this bad economy and all other trials and tribulations? It shows who we are.
After listening to and looking at all the bad economic news, most of us are cautious about buying anything, since we are uncertain of the future. But in a manner of speaking, after considering how it is in some other countries, we are all richer than we might think.
Absolute economic disaster may be just a few inches below grade and we are not aware of it. Or maybe we are aware and refuse to accept it.
In spite of it all, in our country wealth seems to show everywhere, right in the middle of bad news. That may not be so for some of us, but that can be changed. Whatever the condition, we have a way to make it work for us.
We have the power, when we exercise it, to change what we don’t like. It has always been that way. The word, I believe, is “resilience.” It is said that whenever disaster develops, our country has a way of correcting itself. In other words, we the people have a way of bouncing back. How many other countries have this characteristic? To be or do otherwise, our Constitution would have to be destroyed.
Of course we all know about the founding of this nation. Since that period in history, we have lived in freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of creed and race and the right to bare arms. No other nation on earth has such wonders. We are born into these freedoms and know no other way of life. Our citizens have the right to choose their destiny, if they exercise it. Sometimes, I think we have become too accustomed to the good life we have here in this country.
There are people around the world who make every effort, every sacrifice, take every chance at their disposal to enter into our country and become one of us. They seek individualism, ownership of property and certain inalienable rights guaranteed by our Constitution. We are the envy of the world; make no mistake about that.
President Ronald Reagan once said, “There are countries that build walls to keep people in; we have to build walls to keep people out.”
Even though we have all our trials and tribulations, we can do almost anything we desire if we understand, exercise our duty and meet our responsibilities. I’d call that, what President Reagan coined, living in that “shining city on The Hill.”
Francis Bond lives in Richmond Hill. He can be reached at

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