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The era we live in
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When we stand in line at the post office, the check out line at a grocery store or any other line in public, we see a cross section of our society right here in Richmond Hill.
We’ll see someone make a call or receive a call on a cell phone. Cell phones are wondrous things. We can be anywhere and call and receive messages from any point on the earth at any instant. Just think of all the good things caused by the use of cell phones. They can prevent crime, save lives, provide instant information to make important decisions, and on and on.
When I want to call home, all I have to do is pull out that little bug hanging on my belt. That’s when I really appreciate my cell phone. However, I use it sparingly and only when it’s absolutely necessary. Most of us can remember when we would have had to find a pay phone and put in a quarter. Many times, there were no pay phones anywhere in sight. The cell phone has solved all such inconveniences.
It seems, however, that the use of the cell phone, being such a great technical advance for mankind and without any health effects, is too good to be true. There are questions being asked about the possible harm or effect. Not only do people in this country use the cell phone, it is used worldwide.
When great technical advances are made, there are always risks. Consequently, there are always national and international studies as to their impact. The cell phone is certainly one of them.
Regardless, I believe that we must consider a few controversial matters. For instance, research has shown that the chance of a traffic accident is three to four times greater since the introduction of the cell phone. There are others.
As it has occurred so many times before when a great technical advance is made, there are always questions and suspensions. Sometimes I wonder about thoughts I have of the possibility of dealing with the cell phone as we have dealt with the use of tobacco. The best approach in this matter, however, is awareness. We should lend our attention to recent researches and developments.
Regardless, we can rest in conclusions reached by national and international reviews that being in the radio frequency (RF) fields produced by the use of cell phones will have “no” health effects.
Scientists have reported that there are no health effects – not defects – in the use of the cell phone, such as brain activity, reaction time and sleep patterns. It has been reported, however, that two or three years will be required for the RF research to be completed, evaluated and reported.
As an amature radio operator, while at my transmitter, I sit in an RF field all the time. But the frequencies are low and safe. Cell phones, on a very small scale, are like my radio station.
Every time we speak into the phone, we transmit a signal to some repeater station located somewhere not far off. The repeater station retransmits our voice to someone or some place. This signal is composed of high frequencies. The controversial issue here is that these high frequencies are being transmitted while the phone is held very close to our heads. It places us in a RF field.
There must have been safety questions about the arrival of the automobile during the early part of the 20th century, as well as the telephones, the television and the many great medical advances. And now it’s the cell phone, a multibillion dollar economy worldwide. I guess it’s just the era we live in.

Bond lives in Richmond Hill.

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