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Thank you for your service
Military spouse
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 This time last year, my husband was not yet a veteran of war. We were newbies to this lifestyle, less than a year in, and dreading the start of this one-year deployment.
Veteran’s Day meant something else to me then. My dad is a veteran, deployed twice in my childhood, so I knew a little something about family sacrifice and the commitment of a soldier.
I’ve also had the opportunity to work in a nursing home’s activity department, where I heard countless stories from veterans about their experiences from World War II to Operation Desert Storm. Then, I couldn’t fully understand what it meant when these men would talk about their three-year deployments in World War II, about the family they left behind, and about the surreal nature of their homecomings. I took for granted stories from women who grew used to the military spouse lifestyle.
One woman in particular used to say, “It’s what kept us together so long. By the time we were sick of each other, it was time for him to go again. And by the time he got back, our love was brand new.”
That kind of wisdom meant nothing to me then, a college freshman with a serious college boyfriend. Now, three years later, married to college boy turned soldier, I wish I would have paid more attention.
Our nation is covered with the real life stories of men and women who have served, whether in the capacity of a frontline infantry soldier, a nurse forced to see the hardships of war first hand, or an officer responsible for the lives of so many. These brave people who stepped forward to protect their country during her time of need are truly worth recognizing.
And with Veteran’s Day just past, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that these folks are heroes 365 days of the year, not just one. As a proud military spouse and a proud citizen of the United States of America, I say thank you for your service.

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