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Procrastinating the day away
Military spouse
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Perhaps the most beloved modern technology of the procrastinator is the snooze button. I usually push mine at least three times each morning before I finally feel obligated to roll out of bed.
This classic stalling technique sets the tone for the rest of my day. Yes, I should wash last night’s dinner dishes, but I can do that later. Yes, I should study for my Spanish test, but that can wait until tomorrow. Yes, I should get that package mailed out to my husband, but that requires first showering, makeup application, hair taming, wardrobe diving and a host of other things that I’d rather put off.
I often spend my entire day hitting the snooze button, so to speak. For my fellow procrastinators, you’ll appreciate this futuristic sense of motivation. For everyone else — those of you who jump out of bed at the first sounding of your alarm clock—you may never understand.
With my soldier’s return less than two months away — and you can bet I just did a little happy dance just now — I, of course, have a similar to-do list as the rest of the spouses anticipating the troop returns. I need to reorganize the bedroom, clean out the Jeep, find the missing XBOX controller, lose 10 pounds — these are the tasks that set off little alarm clocks in my mind each day. And, each day, I hit the snooze button.
I’ve spent so long living on my own as a procrastinator that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to live with Mr. Schedule and Organization, himself. That’s going to take some getting used to.
So, much like when my husband returned on R&R, I’m met with these contradicting feelings of nervous anticipation and pure glee. Only this time, he’s staying. This time, it’s more than a couple of weeks of me pretending I care about sweeping the kitchen floor daily and him pretending not to notice the pile of unopened mail on the desk.
This will be his real homecoming. And as nervous and unmotivated as I am, I don’t want to hit the snooze button. I just want him to be home.

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