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Living life by the calendar
Military spouse
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I’ve never been much for keeping a schedule. I don’t use a datebook or a calendar. I don’t even write myself memos on sticky notes unless I feel it’s absolutely necessary. Because of this, I’m frequently rushing to prior commitments at the last minute, only to arrive five or 10 minutes late.
Yeah, I’m one of those.
But as the time of my husband’s R&R approaches, I find myself with an ever-growing list of things that need to be done before his arrival and an ever-shrinking amount of time to do them. My easy-going, schedule-free lifestyle doesn’t seem to be making the cut.
Get the oil changed, get his Class A’s dry cleaned, clean the house, bathe the dog, redecorate, plan a weekend getaway, book a hotel, vacuum the Jeep, buy an outfit that makes it look like I lost the 10 pounds I said I was going to lose. Deep breaths, I remind myself, deep breaths.
The way I lead my life, this daunting to-do list would never see accomplishment. So, it’s time for a lifestyle change; it’s time to grow up.
I’m using my calendar, but only the one on my phone, not the dry erase one my husband so adores. I’m scheduling out my day, from my morning shower to my evening tea. I’m doing it, the thing I’ve spent my entire life mocking: I’m living responsibly.
I’ve watched it work for other people. Everywhere I turn, there’s a wife or a mother writing something in her datebook or crossing off an item on her day’s list of tasks. Now, I’m not going to call myself a complete reform, but if all it costs for a good 15 days with my hubby is a little structure, then the least I can do is try.
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