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Homecoming means more than king, queen
Shirley Says
Richmond Hill Middle School Homecoming king and queen, eighth-graders Joe Davis and Liz Wallace. - photo by Photo provided.
Autumn means cooler weather, football and homecoming. Although traditions vary by school, homecoming is usually associated with a football game. Homecoming week is exciting – it creates memories that last a lifetime.
The century-old tradition of homecoming is a time to gather with classmates and show your true school spirit. It is usually preceded by a week of events, referred to as “Spirit Week.” The fun-filled week builds enthusiasm for the upcoming homecoming event.
Last week, Richmond Hill Middle School was buzzing with excitement. Throwing their hands in the cool October air, students reveled in the black and gold spirit that electrified the school during the week.
Spirit days, or dress up days, are very popular during homecoming week. Students are allowed to dress in a specific outfit each day of the week:
Monday was “Sock it to ‘em” – students and staff wore their craziest socks.
Tuesday was “Bring the H.E.A.T.” – students and staff wore Hawaiian t-shirts and straw hats. There was a pep rally in the afternoon. During the pep rally, classes competed for the “Spirit Stick” by showing their loudest vocal cheers. The eighth grade won!
The cheerleaders showed their best cheers and challenged the football players to do the cheers and accompanying acrobatics with them.
Wednesday was “Black and Gold” – the football game!
Thursday was “Dancing in the Streets” – the homecoming dance was held in the gym parking lot.
During the week, students from sixth, seventh and eighth grades voted by secret ballot for homecoming royalty. It’s an amazing honor to be nominated and chosen by one’s peers. The following students are the 2010 Homecoming princes, princesses, king and queen:
• Alyssa Talley, sixth-grade princess. The popular blue-eyed blonde enjoys cheerleading, gymnastics and softball. She’s especially proud of making the football cheerleading squad as a sixth-grader. Alyssa’s favorite foods are spaghetti, tacos, crab and shrimp.
• Charlie Penn, sixth-grade prince. He loves golf, basketball and boating – actually, any outdoor recreational activity. What does Charlie like to eat? He answered, “Calamari, cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese.”
• Sydnee Lawyer, seventh-grade princess. Hanging out with friends, going to church and texting keeps her busy. Her favorite place to eat is Subway.
• Spence Cole, seventh-grade prince. His interests are skateboarding, girls, TV, music and going to McDonald’s. Pizza and McDonald’s are Spence’s favorites.
The 2010 Homecoming king and queen are eighth-graders Joseph Davis and Liz Wallace.
Liz is the daughter of Dr. Ge ne and Donna Wallace. Playing softball with her travel team, hanging out with friends and her Great Aunt Birdie’s chicken potpie are some of her favorite things.
Liz tells why she believes she was chosen, “I’m nice to everyone, and I treat others like I want to be treated.” Liz is an outstanding role model for young girls. She has been on the principal’s honor roll since entering middle school. Plus, she was named Most Outstanding Student in the sixth grade. What career does Liz want? She answered, “I would love to be a pediatrician or an orthopedic physician.”
Joseph, who is also known as Joe, is the son of Kevin Davis and Sandie Brocato. Football and hunting are two things he’s passionate about. Why does Joseph believe he won the crown? He said, “I’m kind of popular…and I’m a cool guy.”
Joe is not only a “cool dude,” but a “bookworm,” as well. He has been in the SEEK Program (gifted) since he was in the first grade. At this point, Joseph is not sure of the career field he wants to pursue. However, he did say his favorite subject is science.
Homecoming 2010 at Richmond Hill Middle School was a memory-maker. A few of the students share their thoughts:
Jennifer Farmer, seventh grade, said, “I liked the ‘Crazy Sock Day’ the most. It was funny seeing all the crazy socks.”
Brandon Guisinger, seventh grade, said, “Homecoming week was fun! I loved the pep rally.”
Sabrina Marquez, seventh grade, said, “I thought everything about homecoming was great, except for the dance … because I wasn’t there.”
Kai Williams, sixth grade, said, “I think homecoming was awesome! I’m so glad our school let us do it.”
Tariah Campbell, sixth grade, said, “The dance was fun because everybody had time to talk to their friends. At the end of it, everybody was dancing.”
Gabby Craft, sixth grade, said, “I loved the homecoming game. It was my first time going to a football game. Even though we lost, the suspense and build-up were great.”
As someone once said, “Savor the moments that are warm, special and giggly.”   

Hiers was born and raised in Richmond Hill. She can be reached at
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