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Gold diggers target soldiers? Get real
Military spouse
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There’s a stereotype following young military wives around, regardless of how often one proves it false.
As is the norm for stereotypes, individuals are rarely considered, but are grouped into a mass that isn’t necessarily the majority. Most of you know I’m talking about the young woman who sinks her claws into a soldier in order to get ahold of a steady income, then cheats on her husband as soon as he’s off to defend her freedoms.
I’m not sure if I can properly express my feelings toward the women who live so maliciously. I recently heard someone say that women like that should be imprisoned for treason. And, though it’s perhaps a bit extreme, I’m inclined to agree.
OK, so maybe imprisonment isn’t the correct way to deal with this situation, but people should understand that not all young military wives are the same. While some are in it for the paycheck — but, really, ladies? you may want to rethink that if you’re chasing a private ­— many young wives are every bit as dedicated to their soldier as a more seasoned spouse.
The fact that some people seem to assume that infidelity or financial manipulation is some sort of inevitability for these younger couples is rather offensive to those of us who have no interest in doing anything other than faithfully supporting our husbands as best we can.
Now, I understand that many have been taken advantage of in the past. So, of course, I caution any soldier from jumping into marriage with a girl you’ve just recently met and already purchased a new wardrobe and jewelry collection, but there are still some decent women out there. There are still women who take their marriage vows seriously, regardless of age or of the occupation of the man they love. I’d like to see people think twice before they judge the cute blonde girl on the arm of a uniformed man, because that ring on her finger may mean more to her than the stereotypes we squeeze the world into would ever allow you to believe.

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