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Birthday party deployed too
Military spouse
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Monday is my husband’s birthday. Now, I realize that in many families, birthdays diminish in significance the older you get. However, in my opinion, birthdays are the one day of the year where you have the excuse to be treated like royalty, despite the reality of your more peasant-like status.
Breakfast in bed, parties in your honor, gifts and hundreds of obligatory “happy birthday” wishes are just a few of the highlights.
For someone who loves having any excuse to celebrate, birthdays are a personal favorite. I love spoiling people on their birthdays, making a bigger deal out of the event than what is probably necessary just because it’s fun.
So when it comes to my husband experiencing this birthday overseas, I’m probably more disappointed than he is.
I’ll wake up early in the morning, wishing I could fry up a couple pounds of bacon, because it’s his favorite. I’ll spend the day dreaming of taking him shopping and letting him buy whatever video game he wants, then taking him home to watch some old sci-fi movie with ridiculously outdated special effects, because he wants to. In the evening, I’ll think about having a few friends over for card games and cheeseburgers.
But what I’ll actually do is talk to him on Skype whenever I can and hope the care package filled with cinnamon flavored candy, old sci-fi movies and books gets to him in time and is enough to tide him over until his next birthday home. Or rather, hope that it tides me over until his next birthday home.
I guess that’s all the royalty he gets for this year, but next year you can bet that I’ll do everything I can to compensate.
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