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Bandwagon or not, a fan is a fan
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My days of being a football widow are numbered. The bowl game season is upon us and the Super Bowl is right around the corner.
Come Feb. 7, my husband will go back to complaining about how life without football is utterly boring, and I’ll regain control of the TV on weekends and Monday nights. I plan to exert my newly restored authority by zoning out on Sundays in front of USA’s weekly “Law & Order SVU” marathons. My husband can join me – or not. But it’s hard to deny that the NYPD’s fictional crime-fighting team brings more excitement to the screen than any outside middle quarterback receiver guy – even if he does have a tight end.
Although I must admit, halfheartedly watching as my husband, Noell, alternates between screaming at the TV and sitting for hours, glassy-eyed and nearly comatose, in his favorite recliner has proven somewhat beneficial. Yes, really. I’m a football fan now! Well, technically, according to Noell, I’m a bandwagon fan. But what’s the difference – a fan is a fan, right?
My husband bases my alleged bandwagon status on the fact that I supported my alma mater, the University of Missouri Tigers, through their first seven games of the season. They were undefeated; I was psyched. I sported my black and gold garb every weekend and faithfully used Mizzou’s rally cry as my Facebook status.
Then something bad happened: Mizzou lost its eighth game of the season to Nebraska. I’m not really sure what happened after that game because I stopped paying attention.
I think the Tigers went on to win a few more and lose a few more. They must have ended the season on a semi-high note because they earned an invitation to the Insight Bowl in Tempe, Ariz. I’m not sure how they did. Wasn’t the game last night? But anyway, go Tigers!
And although I am from Missouri, I’ve never really been a St. Louis Rams fan – even during the best of times. The Rams had the audacity to get a bid to the Super Bowl the year the big game fell on my birthday. All my friends were more concerned with attending Super Bowl parties than celebrating with me. I’ve never forgiven the Rams and I don’t think I ever will. See, how’s that for sticking steadfastly to my principles? Bandwagon my foot!
But no matter who you do – or don’t – support, I hope everyone enjoys bowl game season and the BCS National Championship Game. I, for one, will be cheering for the Auburn Tigers. That’s right – War Eagle!
And I’m not just saying that because my younger sister went to Auburn and I want to be loosely affiliated with a championship program. Oh, wait – yes, I am!
Hollie Moore Barnidge is the editor of the Coastal Courier in Hinesville. She can be reached at

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