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City should grow with grace
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You know my church here in Richmond Hill uses the title “Growing with Grace” as its slogan for building our new church. I think it means we grow gracefully and not at a rate that hurts ourselves or others. I think our city could learn something from this idea of growing with grace.
Lately, there has been some concern over the traffic in certain areas of the city namely Mulberry Subdivision. I am a resident there and am very concerned about the intersection by the Dollar General store. It seems that the developers and others want to put a new Family Dollar store across Mulberry Drive. In my opinion it is incredible how our city is putting the residents of Mulberry and others in harm’s way by not putting up a traffic light at an already dangerous intersection. I think if the city of Richmond Hill can figure out the amazing dance of cars that happens at our schools daily, it can figure out this one. Hats off,  by the way to Trisha Ainsworth at the primary school for directing traffic so well. It is amazing what this lady and others do every morning for our children. We can do the same all over this city of ours if we just plan carefully and take all of our citizens in to account, not just the children.
The council members along with the mayor claim it is the Department of Transportation’s fault that there is no traffic light at this intersection by Mulberry. They say they have been turned down a few times. I say they haven’t tried hard enough and remember and a squeaky wheel always gets oiled. Must not be squeakin' enough. Good thing though, Mr. Russ Carpenter tabled the motion to begin development until there is a traffic study done. Thank you, Russ. Thank you also to the other members who went along.
Look, I like big business and a great economy like a true conservative would but, not at the cost of  any human life. We must not always look to the almighty dollar for answers or the direction we should go. We must do what is safe and sensible for our people. That is what makes Richmond Hill special (a place to call home).  I know that one day they will finally get around to putting up a traffic light, after they’ve built their dollar stores and their pawn shops, but I’d like to do it after we have made the area safe and more equipped to handle more traffic. Let us truly “Grow with Grace” and build responsibly in a safe and orderly fashion.  

Jeffers writes an occasional column for the Bryan County News.

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