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City Center supporters in majority
Letter to editor
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Dear editor: This letter is in response to Darryl Petermann’s recent letter to the editor. Mr. Petermann, we get it. You don’t like the City Center.
Fortunately, you are in a minority. In the past two years, there have been more than 26,000 guests of the City Center. This includes more than 136 civic groups, 80 businesses and 38 government groups. The City Center is, in many ways, the only local place that can facilitate such functions. In addition, 42 weddings and 107 social events have been held there. 
The reason that the City Center/aquatic center was not built in the Richmond Hill Plantation development simply is this: The land that the developer had promised was never turned over to the city of Richmond Hill. The city cannot legally build anything on property that it does not own, so a decision was made to construct the City Center on city-owned land in J.F. Gregory Park.
Many will agree that the center’s location, with scenic views of the marsh and the Ogeechee’s tidal creeks, is excellent. 
The City Center is compensated for by hotel/motel taxes paid by travelers coming into Richmond Hill.
I think one would find it difficult to find many citizens who believe that the City Center should be closed. Local businesses, restaurants and the city should work together in finding mutually beneficial solutions. I assure you that the city is working diligently to make the City Center work financially and to no longer rely on the hotel and motel taxes that currently fund it.
Certainly, Mr. Petermann is entitled to his opinion, but I always take what he has to say with a grain of salt. Mr. Petermann has run three times for City Council and now is supporting my opponent. Richmond Hill is an excellent place to call home and has an efficient government. We have handled the worst economic downturn in decades without raising city taxes or cutting services – of that I am proud.

Marilyn Hodges
Richmond Hill City Council

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