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Cities Week is chance to thank city employees
Harold Fowler
Harold Fowler is the mayor of Richmond Hill. - photo by File photo

Too many times, the day-to-day business of being mayor and governing the city prevents me from saying “thank you” to the city employees who make our city run smoothly. Contrary to what some may think, local government — not state or federal — usually has the greatest impact on the lives of its residents.
Whether that is public safety, paying taxes or a water bill or even getting a business license, none of that could get done without a great team of professional city employees. We’re fortunate to have such a team working for the residents of our great city. From department heads to those who read water meters to those who make our parks look attractive everyday to those who ensure adherence to city ordinances, all are an integral part of the everyday functioning of city government.
To those and every other city employee, I say “thank you.” The job of governing by me and the City Council couldn’t get done without your efforts.  The credit for making our fair city great really falls to the employees. The council and I set the priorities and direction and then get out of the way and let the employees get the job done.
Our team might make occasional mistakes — who doesn’t? — but I don’t think I ever have seen a more dedicated team of people trying to do the right thing for the right reasons.
Georgia Cities Week runs April 19-25 and is a good opportunity to thank city employees for the job they do. It also is an opportunity to remind city residents about what their local government does on a daily basis. City residents are fortunate to have a pretty good team of people working for them.
If you agree, I’d like to hear it. If you disagree, I want to hear that, too. City Manager Chris Lovell and I are here to serve you, the residents. We both have open-door policies and encourage you to stop by anytime to express your concerns or anything else on your mind. We always try our best to solve problems to the residents’ satisfaction. That isn’t always possible, of course. But that’s our ongoing goal.
So, again, to the city employees, thank you for the job you do everyday. To the city’s residents who give us our report card, how are we doing? Let Chris or me know.
I encourage all city residents to take advantage of the full slate of local activities set for Georgia Cities Week. Put together by Assistant City Clerk Linda Phillips and her team, the activities are an opportunity for you to see what local government does everyday. See the city’s Facebook and Web page for more information.
Call me at 756-3345 with accolades for our city employees, or if you have concerns, issues or anything else on your mind.

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