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Choosing between I-95 & Highway 17
pastor corner

Pastor Jim Jackson

Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church

I live in Brunswick and commute to Richmond Hill three days each week, where I am pastor of Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church. The two best choices for my commute are those mentioned. 

Given those choices, I most often take 17. It’s a bit slower, but that’s fine with me. I’m one who is enjoying a slower pace of life anyway. It’s like savoring every bite when you are into something delicious. Yes there are certain hazards on that route, things like animals— deer, wild hogs and huge log trucks. And even though it takes fifteen minutes more, it has its benefits. There upon, I’m able to pass thorough some interesting places like Darien, Eulonia, Riceboro, (oh the aroma, where the locals must believe it smells like money), and Midway.

Then there all those places to enjoy good ole south Georgia fare and seafood— BJ’s in Darien, Captain Joe’s in Midway, or Bubba’s right here in Richmond Hill. Many restaurants advertised on I-95 are mostly quick places for quick food for those who are passing quickly. And you’ll never have to enter your food choices on a computer when you open the door. I like actually talking to the personnel and fellow diners about “Dem Dawgs” and such.

Between towns and interesting communities like South Newport, Chatman, Ways Temple and others, one is able to see the countryside unexploited by rapid development.

Some call it progress? At my speed, I’m enabled to take in the pleasant aromas of newly mown grass, pine trees, and yes, paper mills (cooked cabbage?). Then, chances are, in the event of a flat tire, you are most likely offered assistance by a passing local rather than being blown off the highway by speeders.

Sure, I-95 is faster, been taking it myself since they are repaving a large section of Costal Highway 17. As I see it, interstates are the way to go when you are in a hurry and not intimidated by NAS-CAR want-a-bees and truck tires higher than your car. No stopping on the interstate to toss a rock in a creek, examine a pretty wild flower, or study a breath-taking sunset.

Living now in semi-retirement, I’m choosing the slower pace of life, where one is grateful for each breath and breathtaking sights and, sounds. Hey, check out that cloud formation. Listen to that bird. “The heavens declare the glory of God and the earth his handiwork.”

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