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Children, parents need options
Letter to editor
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Dear Editor: In regard to Roy Hubbard’s letter published Jan. 26, I wish to thank the gentleman for his service to our country, and for taking the time and effort to engage in conversation about the bullying issue facing our kids.
Your expression for the need for “common sense” is understandable, but there are children and parents out there on both sides that don’t know what to do and need help and I assure you, it is not because they lack “common sense.”
Talk to any of my students and parents who have already shared success stories about having taken the steps we share in classes.
The OBPP is not a martial arts program, and it involves everyone in the bullying cycle.
Our students are already making positive steps without any physical contact, and it’s working. It’s truly an honor to do what I do, and once again I do thank you for your reply.

Carey Daughtry
Chief Instructor/Owner
ATA Martial Arts
Richmond Hill

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