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Changing the culture we live in
pastor corner

Over the last several years, the influx of Hispanic people coming into our country has changed our culture.

I’m not here to debate the “illegal alien” issue that is confronting this country but only to state the fact that people can change culture.

When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a “Mexican restaurant” where I lived, but now you can find them everywhere. By the way, my wife’s favorite restaurant to eat at is “Jalapenos.”

Hispanic people, in general, have changed our culture to the extent that everything from answering services to written instructions to products we buy is in both English and Spanish. Whether you agree or disagree with this change, it is probably here to stay.

Christians are commanded to bring about cultural change. We are told in the gospels to “go and preach the good news” or gospel.

We need to understand that the gospel changes people - changes their hearts and minds. And it is our hearts and minds that change a culture.

Our culture in America today has been influenced to the point where people don’t see a need to follow Jesus or live according to his word, which for many is out of touch with reality.

What we need is to see us Christians make such a positive impact that those who work with us, those who are our neighbors, our family and friends desire what we have. The result is changed lives, one at a time.

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