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Celebrating a city to be proud of
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Celebrating “Georgia Cities Week” is an annual event that recognizes the importance of and contributions by local government to its citizens. Cities throughout the state will celebrate during the week of April 17-23, and Richmond Hill is no exception.
It would be impossible to celebrate the week without recognizing the accomplishments and hard work of the many city employees who work tirelessly to make our city a better place to live.
Whether it is public safety, relaxing in J.F. Gregory Park, paying your water bill or developing a subdivision, it is safe to say that none of that would be possible without the hard work of our city’s employees. I’m proud of them. Although you might not know it, they work long hours to make our city work. They are the oil that keeps the wheels of city government running smoothly.
We’ve grown into a city of more than 10,000 people. With that growth comes all the things that go along with it, such as increased water usage, the need for more parks, keeping the roads in good repair, ensuring garbage is picked up on time, etc. You can be sure that none of that would happen with out the efforts of those working for the city.
You, also, should be proud of your city. We are viewed as a forward-looking city that doesn’t shy away from the tough issues. Whether that’s water, development, annexation or other tough issues, we face them head on and try to do the best we can for the residents of Richmond Hill.
If you haven’t been in city hall or the police department, stop by and see how your tax dollars are being spent. Visit other city facilities and you’ll see what I mean about our employees. The employees work for you. They are stewards of your money and take a great deal of pride in serving and helping you.
The city tries to step forward and anticipate problems before they occur. That couldn’t take place without dedicated employees. It just wouldn’t work.
I hope you are taking advantage of some of the activities during Georgia Cities Week. Everything from a fishing derby Saturday to large trash pickup days this week. Get out and enjoy what the city has to offer. If you run into a fireman, policeman or other city worker, take a moment to thank them for the work they do.
My door is always open. Stop by and see me if you have a concern or just want to visit. City Manager Mike Melton’s door is always open, too. We work for you. We’re always happy to show you what we do and why we do it.

Fowler is mayor of Richmond Hill. He can be reached at 756-3345 or

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