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Celebrate Art on the Coast
Guest column
sarah volker
Sarah Volker, a local artist, is a member of Arts on the Coast. - photo by Photo provided.

Arts On the Coast’s Fall Art Show will be held on Saturday, Nov. 4, from 2-7 p.m.

The show and festival will be on the grounds of the Richmond Hill Historic Museum on Highway 144. Everyone; all ages, shapes, sizes, political leanings, embracers of art, or not, are invited to attend the show, meet the artists, listen to a little music, and enjoy the community spirit every Arts On the Coast event embraces.

This year a People’s Choice Award will be given to the artist’s work you choose as the best in show.

We are pleased to announce well known Savannah musician, Adam Nye, will be performing from 5 to 7 p.m. during the AOC Fall Show.

It has been nigh on 15 years Arts On the Coast has been presenting and promoting the Arts in our area. AOC is a 501C-3 non-profit organization. Its goals are to grow cultural awareness in our area, develop venues to promote our members work, and educate our populace about the importance of a strong arts community as imperative to improving the quality of life in our area.

On a personal note and at the risk of being accused of pontificating; We Need The Arts!

Creativity: no matter the discipline (visual, music, culinary, dance, drama, mathematics, literature, etc.), no matter the creator: whether trained or amateur; no matter the process: tortured or fun; is important in developing an environment where we learn to think.

It is a simple yet complicated, and sometimes unmeasurable concept.

The Arts allow each of us to think outside the box, to create what has never been created before, and teaches us to approach and solve problems in our own unique way. It records our history and creates our future.

On Nov. 4, come out to the Arts On the Coast Fall Art Show. Spend time with your friends and neighbors and vote for your favorite piece of art work. The winning artist receives a $ 35 gift certificate from Dick Blick. During this election season you get a chance to cast a vote that produces immediate results!

Volker, a local artist, is a member of Arts on the Coast.

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