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Carson would make a great president
Letter to the editor

Editor, ”Instead of pointing fingers and creating strife, we should be talking about how to solve the problem of murder in our black communities. ... We should instill values to let young black men know that their brothers’ lives do matter.”

These words spoken recently by Dr. Ben Carson really resonated with me. This past week in Harlem, Dr. Carson tackled the issue of race head-on and gave a message of self-reliance that I believe we can all embrace. Dr. Carson pointed out that 73 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock, dramatically increasing the chances of that child growing up in poverty and ending up in the penal system. We should be addressing ways to change this paradigm!

In my 2013 book, “Stop This Madness: State of the Union Under Pres. Barack Obama,” I endorsed Dr. Carson as the next president of the United States. Everything I have heard from Dr. Carson since that time suggests that he would be a great choice for our country.

Although he has never held an elected office, Dr. Carson presents common-sense solutions to the problems plaguing our country. He is calm and low-key, intelligent, patriotic, a proud Christian whose values reflect my own, and is not afraid to go against the establishment. In my book, I also expressed dismay that the majority of black Americans, including Christians, always support Democratic candidates, notwithstanding the fact that the party’s policies are the very antithesis of what we espouse on Sunday mornings!

I think it is time for change we can really believe in. #Carson2016; #NotHillary!

Minister Gloria Brown

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