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A broken heart
pastor corner

We use the expression all the time – “a broken heart.”  The heart is not really broken, but someone has been disappointed or hurt deeply and our emotions just take over.  We may cry unrelentingly, get mad or be unable to function in our daily lives.  However, there are times when the heart is really broken.  I had such an experience once.

My wife and I really love going to the mountains of east Tennessee.  I love the views, the cooler weather and the activities that are available.  She loves to shop. And shop! And shop!!  Several years ago I devised a plan to occupy myself while she indulged in her favorite pastime (that would be shopping!).  My plan was to go hiking in the mountains.  Hiking boots were purchased, the fanny pack was loaded with water and food and my adventure was about to begin.  I researched the area to find an appropriate trail and the new highlight of the trip began. 

No one explained to me why they don’t have flat trails in the mountains.  Of course, in just a little while I was struggling to climb the trail.  It was quite unsettling that several people passed me, or met me coming back from the top. while I struggled to take the next step.  One teenager went by me running up the hill in his flipflops.  I kind of got mad at that point.  People my age and older made it while I was dying a slow death trying.  After what may have seemed like a two-week climb, I made it to the top.  The waterfall was beautiful and the place was crowded.  I left shortly thereafter, not really enjoying my hike as much as I thought I would.

On the way down there was a tingling that moved across my left shoulder and arm.  I began to realize what was wrong.  Some little while later a triple-bypass surgery repaired what was not working properly in my broken heart.  There was no prior warning of which I was aware.  The location of the blockage was called the “widow-maker,” but I was blessed to return home to my wife and recover from what could have been a sudden death experience.

This simply testifies to us that we don’t know when or where the end of our lives will be.  We simply must live for Christ every day.  We must call upon Him to save us from our sins.  “For the son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10).   

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