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Bright idea
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Richmond Hill’s decision to begin using motorcycle cops may seem a bit farfetched at first.

But when you stop and think about it, the idea is a stroke of near genius.

Gas is creeping up on $4 a gallon and will likely go higher. Those fancy Dodge Chargers and classic Crown Vics are expensive to buy and won’t get near the gas mileage a motorcycle will.

Combine that savings - and the reduced wear and tear on patrol cars - with the cost of purchasing bikes at about $7,600 instead of cars at more than $20,000 each and this looks like a win-win situation for taxpayers.

There are concerns. Motorcycles aren’t as safe as squad cars and there won’t be air conditioning to cool officers off on a hot south Georgia afternoon. Still, it's a solid bet the Richmond Hill Police Department has already weighed the pros and cons and will do everything possible to make sure officers will be safe and comfortable.

The public can do its part, as well, by looking out for these officers while on the road. In the meantime, our hats are off to city government for thinking outside the box.

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