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Bernie Evans: Trump will never be better
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Bernie Evans

Hey, Dems, over here!

Please stop focusing on the shiny-object distractions of messy President Donald Trump. He has nothing new to say.

Different day, same offensive white-nationalist strategy.

Let me begin by saying to my fellow White voters whose conscience may feel soothed post-Republican National Convention: Do not be fooled by the Black Republicans endorsing Trump; they are but rich proof in the thick pudding that we really are all alike, the races, on the inside; which is to say, some Black folks have a propensity to embrace an ugly brand of anti-LGBTQ conservative religiosity and, of course, the “me, me, me” doctrine of low taxes/less regulation, just like Whites.

In other words, the divisive call is coming from inside the house.

Now, to the subject at hand: the best argument against Trump’s, “Nobody will be safe in Joe Biden’s America!”, is this: Do you feel safe in Trump’s America? Are you safe in Trump’s America?

He acts as if Joe Biden is the incumbent. Trump has so little self-awareness he literally points to these scenes of urban unrest and in his full bellicosity tells us: “This will be America under Joe Biden!”

Excuse me, Mr. Messy President, sir, this is America under you right red-hot now.

As Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler so eloquently said, “Mr. President, you created the hatred, you instigate the racism and the violence, we all know this country hasn’t seen violence like this in decades and it’s all because of you, you want me to stop the violence you created but what America needs is for you to be stopped!”

And he is exactly right.

Trump is rallying his supporters post-RNC, after which he received zero bump in approval ratings, by calling all protesters, “Anarchists, rioters and looters!”

Nothing could be further from the truth, this country was founded on protest, there were plenty of Tea Party protests against President Obama and never did he encourage his supporters to go after them or rage against them; even when older-to-elderly white Tea Partiers were lined up on Capitol Hill spitting on Democratic Congresspersons as they went to work; civil rights heroes included.

That’s the definition of White privilege, paying no price, facing no consequences, for such foolishness.

Trump is unfit for office. The protests are getting under his skin because the complaints ring true. It is that simple. When Trump supporters took to Twitter posting, “we are headed to Portland”, Mayor Wheeler responded, “any protesters are welcome to protest against me or Democrats and our policies, they are not anarchists or rioters when peaceful, we had 120 different organizations demonstrating, organizations that don’t always agree but there was peace and respect…then came the Trump caravan…” We all saw the video, dozens of cars and pick-up trucks with Trump 2020 flags and banners blowing in the wind, driving through downtown Portland using a giant mechanism to spray the protesters and sidewalk crowds with pepper spray; all the while pointing long-guns at everybody.

To further inflame, our illustrious Mr. Messy President re-tweets a supporter’s tweet declaring, “Kyle Rittenhouse is a good example of why I voted for Trump.” Kyle Rittenhouse is the 17-year-old who was armed with an AK-47 while he marched up and down the streets of downtown Kenosha Wisconsin and shot and killed two White pro-Black Lives Matter protesters (of course, he says he was there to “protect private property”).

Regardless of how Fox pundits attempt to justify this kid’s behavior, the fact is, he believed his actions playing cop were acceptable because he was called into action by his Mr. Messy President on Twitter and elsewhere.

Mayor Ted Wheeler: “For a president to put out this hateful language and then act like he is surprised by the violence… we all saw this coming, and then he blames it on Democratic mayors …I knew when I saw Trump re-tweet support for Kyle Rittenhouse that Trump will never work with us to fix this problem but only exacerbate it.”

The Portland Chief of Police joined Mayor Wheeler at the news conference and echoed his sentiments, “We are seeing more and more division and violence in our city and across the nation since Trump was elected.”

Joe Biden is right, “Trump can’t stop the violence because for years he has fomented it. His failure to call on his own supporters shows you how weak he really is, does anyone think the violence will stop if he is re-elected?”

And don’t even get me started on having to wear a mask to go out in public because of this administration’s incompetence; no other major industrialized nation is in the atrocious shape we are in.

Thanks Mr. Messy President, nobody is safe in your America.

Bernie Evans is a local writer whose opinions have appeared in local publications, TIME and The Nation.

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