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Bernie Evans: Have conservatives given up?
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Bernie Evans

Have conservatives completely given up? Nobody wants what they are selling so, instead they’re just going to pack the courts with right-wing ideologues to force their agenda on a liberal-leaning nation?

Yes, I think the polls more than bear out the fact that we are a liberal-leaning nation, and not just because the liberal left clearly owns the culture. Remember, Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) did receive three-million votes more than Trump; no matter the Electoral College (EC), which many conservatives were saying was a relic ready-for-the-trash-heap when many believed HRC would take the EC but not the popular vote.

As I’ve written before, from a higher minimum wage to higher taxes on wealth; government-administered Social Security and Medicare, including fully funded Medicaid and welfare programs; women’s rights and LGBTQ rights; immigration policy to gun control policy, the vast majority of Americans agree with the Democratic platform not the Republican’s.

Same goes for issues of a free press and free speech; nothing is more important than communications, newspapering, broadcast news, radio, all of it. Censoring expressions of opinion is a no-no. The American people don’t want it.

But I know of a few too many news outlets that are squeamish about allowing opinion that makes them squirm. When Republicans are at the helm, that is.

We must be on guard, not allowing Trump’s worsening behavior to define our principles downward. We mustn’t surrender our values. Or abuse our power when we have it, the guardians; let the debate flow free like a rushing river. No matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel.

Having said that, now to the subject at-hand.

What in the world is syndicated columnist Dick Yarbrough talking about?

I like the headline of his September 3rd column, “Is there a place for love today?”, but that’s about it.

I think his party’s choice for “president” more than answers that question…for Republicans. But not Democrats; we have long been unified-in-love-and-purpose with our various rainbow co-constituents.

It is not enough for Trump to say, “I am not a racist.” Nope, his actions speak volumes. Think about it. 

Dick writes, “We seem to be at an impasse in race relations in this country…we aren’t talking to each other.”

Do what?

We most certainly are talking to each other. Every day. Every protest. We’re literally holding hands.

He further states, “We are yelling at each other.”

No, we’re not; that’s just President Donald J. Trump and his followers.

Perhaps Mr. Yarbrough is unaware that the protests of-late are a union of Black and white bodies and voices; gay and straight; Muslim, Jesus followers and Jew too; everyone is represented who so desires to stand-up boldly for Black Lives Matter, liberty and justice for all.

We are having an incredible impact. This is witnessed by the fact that Trump and his so-called Attorney General Bill Barr are flipping- out.

The “protest marches”, as Yarbrough put it, are not intended as “outreach between Black and white” or to “improve race relations.” We are specifically protesting police abuse and brutality. Powerfully. Together.

Which is not to say that I don’t appreciate Yarbrough and his writer friend’s attempts at racial conciliation. (Although I wish they had written columns and tomes regarding the GOP hijacking, stealing and disregarding the prerogatives of the first Black president when Obama was in the White House; does someone really think Black America didn’t notice the thievery? The stolen labor then transferred to Trump in the form of tainted Supreme Court seats, etc.) When one grows-up in the South and ends-up on the left, as I did, it is largely due to racial injustice.

However, left or right, if you grew-up in the South and do not have at least one close Black friend that you interact with on a regular basis, including dinner out, birthdays, etc., you might have a race problem.

Tend to it, relationships are what change society.

Let’s not give up on each other.

Bernie Evans is a local resident whose opinions have appeared in local publications, TIME and The Nation.

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