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Being thankful
pastor corner

In Psalms 95:2 we are told to come before the Lord with thanksgiving. Think about all the reasons that we could come up with in order to praise Him.

Each day we ought to praise the Lord for another day to live; another day in order to be with those we love and to fulfill our purpose for living. As Christians we ought to thank the Lord for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, giving us a new life and for the promise of eternal life. We ought to thank the Lord for our basic needs being met such as water, food, shelter and clothing, knowing that many around the world don’t have easy access to these. We ought to thank the Lord for the health that we do have. If there are people in our lives that love us and care for us, we ought to give thanks. The truth of the matter is, for most people, we possess many of our wants as well as our needs and for these we ought to give thanks.

As you are reading this, there are things that I didn’t mention that will come to your mind. For me it is my eyesight that allows me to enjoy the beauty around me.

May we be reminded during this Thanksgiving season to be thankful, but may we also get into a daily habit of voicing our thankfulness.

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