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Become a better student of God’s word
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There are many ways to study the Bible. Some try and read from cover to cover, others try and read both the Old Testament and the New Testament at the same time. Another method is to pick a topic and study that subject.

Some people want to study their Bible but they just simply cannot figure out how to do it, so they end up not studying.

Bible study is important for it is through a study of God’s word that one can learn how to be pleasing to God and how to obey him.

One should find a systematic way of studying. Paul wrote, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15). To “rightly divide” one must continue in the true doctrine of Christ, determining what it is God wants one to do.

One might decide to study about characters such as Adam, Noah, Abraham or David. Learning about their lives and how they followed God and the results they found when doing so. Or one might choose to study subjects, such as the love of God for man, the love mankind is to have for his fellowman, or a study of salvation. One might choose to study about places in the Bible, their names and what they mean, or how those places stood out in history.

Whichever way one decides to study the Bible, they need to study the subject thoroughly. For instance, if one chooses to study about salvation, they need to know all God says on the matter. Some have stopped short of studying all God has to say and they have come to conclusions that are foreign to the scriptures.

It even happened in the days of Jesus (Matt. 15:1-9). It is important for the one studying the Scriptures to pay heed to what the word says. If one only studies part of a subject, they may not understand the topic as God determined it to be taught.

There are some things that one needs to know about Bible study. First, who is speaking; second, to whom they are speaking; and third, when were they speaking. When one looks at the Bible it seems like such a huge book, and it is. It should be seen as a collection of “books” put together.

The part that is called Hebrew history is several of the books. Samuel tells of the period when the kings were first chosen, Kings tells more about that time, and Chronicles records even more events of that time. Then the Major and Minor prophets dig deeper into those times. As one studies more, they begin to realize the Bible is not all that big.

When studying the Bible, we need to make sure we have a reliable translation of God’s word. Just because a “bible” is easy to read does not mean it is reliable. The King James Version and the American Standard Version of 1901 are believed to be among the most accurate of current translations.

Some think them too difficult to read, however, the King James Version is written on a fifth-grade level. The reason the translation is important is that some have left vital information out of the Scriptures while others have written in things that do not belong.

Everyone should know how to study their Bibles and it is hoped that these suggestions will help all to better be able to be a student of God’s word.

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