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Be thankful, be content
pastor corner

One of our main topics for conversation at this time of year is the heat – temperatures in the 90s, and humidity to match. It can be a dangerous combination. I don’t need a “heat index” to tell me I need to sit down and have another glass of sweet tea.

But I am reminded of something I did 13 years ago this month. My family moved back to our home state of Georgia after 14 years in the upper Midwest. We called Indiana and Michigan home during that time, and both of my boys consider themselves Michiganders, even though they were born in Georgia.

The day we moved into our rental home in Pembroke was the hottest day of the summer. It was miserable. Between the paid movers, members of our church and my family, I have no idea how many gallons of water and Gatorade we consumed that day. But it was a tough day.

Still, I had made a vow to the Lord. I promised him that I would not complain about the heat, no matter how bad it got.

You see, I spent eight Februarys in Michigan. No matter what anyone else says, I’ll take August in Coastal Georgia over February in Michigan any day of the week, and twice on Sundays. I was not made for the cold.

But back to my vow. I promised God I would not complain about the heat. I’ve kept that promise.

But to my shame, I’ve complained about other things. Like the children of Israel long ago, I have found fault with the marvelous and matchless provision of God. I have not been satisfied.

The Bible tells us to, “Delight in the Lord.” He is good. He is all that we need. And yet, too many times we find ourselves longing for what others have. We are jealous and envious, failing to realize that God has provided for us what we need.

I want to be more thankful. I want to learn to be content, just as Paul said he was. “My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Glory,” he wrote to the Philippians.

I pray that we will realize that is as true today as it was then.


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