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Be strong with Jesus
pastor corner

Can I share something with you? I have no idea who is reading this column every week, outside of my wife and mother- in-law.

On occasion I will receive an email thanking me for a column. There are times when a church member will say something I wrote was meaningful.

But the truth is that I am writing for an audience about whom I know very little. That is quite different from my preaching. I’ve been the pastor at First Baptist in Pembroke for 13½ years. I know most of the people in attendance, some of them very well.

By contrast, most of my newspaper columns are random. Occasionally I will deal with a theme for a couple of weeks. But most of the articles stand alone.

I have two main purposes for writing. I would love to help a non-believer simply to think about the Christian faith in a serious manner.

I may not convince you with one brief piece. But perhaps you will give more careful consideration to the truth claims of Christianity.

But mostly I write to encourage fellow believers. I know that most of the folks who read what I write are already followers of Jesus. I would like to help you through a struggle, and then to encourage you to stay the course.

I have learned many things through the years, but here is one that we all need to understand: Walking with Jesus is not easy.

As best I can tell, it never has been. But our society and culture make it an even greater challenge today.

Life is hard, even with Jesus by your side. But it is more manageable when we live in full dependence on him. I am reminded of two verses that stand in stark contrast to each other, and yet point us in the same direction.

Jesus said, “Without me, you can do nothing.” Then Paul wrote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

May we be strengthened to do what we have been called to do this day. Christ be with you! God bless.

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