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Be kind to one another
pastor corner

I have noticed that there is a lot of frustration in the world, country, and community we live in. Think about all that is going on presently. There is the Covid virus and all the divided opinions of what to do about it, plus how it has affected everyday living. There are natural disasters taking place around the world and the challenge of trying to evacuate people on our side from Afghanistan. There is an ever increasing divide in our political world, attempting to compel us to sell out to one side or the other on every issue.

In the middle of all of this, people feel a need to voice their opinions, which our freedom allows for, but so many do it with unkindness. I will always remember years ago when then President George Bush said these words as he spoke to the nation, “What we need is a kindler, gentler nation”. Oh, how much more needed are these words today.

The Apostle Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:32 to “be kind and compassionate to one another...”. As followers of Jesus we ought to be leading the way in showing kindness in such an explosive atmosphere. Sure it’s our responsibility to speak the truth, but we must do it in love as Paul simply says in that same chapter, in verse 15, “Speak the truth in love”.

So, every morning when we wake up, we ought to ask our heavenly Father to help us to be that example of kindness that will make a difference in our world and will bring honor to our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

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