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Be grateful for his handiwork
pastor corner

Psalm 19:1 tells us that “The heavens declare the glory of God.”

Actually we could say, “The whole earth declares God’s glory.”

To believe that the beauty around us came from a big explosion takes way more faith than believing in a God of creation.

The complexity of all of creation is above understanding and with all creation there has to be a creator.

The older I get, the more I take the time to stop, enjoy and appreciate the beauty around me. Most evenings the sunset is gorgeous, some having pink and orange blended together.

Looking up at the stars at night is mind boggling, knowing that there are parts of God’s creation millions of light years beyond them. We don’t know how much further it expands.

This time of year, being spring, is a special time for us to see the beauty of God’s creation with flowers and trees blooming, as so much of this earth turns from brown to green.

Winter has its own share of beauty looking across the landscape to see the different shades of brown and grey.

Even though I don’t prefer colder weather, I will admit that the scenes of snow are beautiful.

Then there are the birds and animals that give us about every color imaginable and we have the privilege of seeing so many of what the world offers here with a wider selection in our zoos.

Creation is a reflection of who God is, and every day we ought to praise him for it and thank him for the privilege of being able to enjoy it.

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