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Baseball, worship are a lot alike
pastor corner

I am a baseball fan.

I was 6 years old when the Braves moved to Atlanta, and I don’t remember a season going by that I didn’t go to at least one game until I moved to Louisiana to finish my schooling. Even then I was able to listen to the night games on WSB radio out of Atlanta.

Years later we moved to the upper Midwest for 14 years, and the Braves’ games were televised on TBS. So again I was able to follow my favorite teams. We moved to Indiana in 1991, the year they started their great playoff run. What a time to be a Braves’ fan.

While living there, we scheduled many of our vacations around the dates that the Braves would be near us. We saw them play in St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Toronto.

And then there was one more game. We drove to Chicago to see them play the Cubs in Wrigley Field. The Braves won that game, one to nothing.

John Smoltz beat Greg Maddux that day in a game that featured more than 20 strikeouts, and only three hits total.

On the way to our car Tina said to me, “I’m sorry that game was so boring.” My oldest son, only 9 at the time, whispered to me, “Dad, she just doesn’t understand.”

You see, a pitcher’s duel like that, between two future Hall of Famers who would become teammates the next year, was far from boring. In fact, of all the games I’ve attended, it is the one I remember most.

May I ask you a question? Do you find worship boring? Do you not go to church because it is not exciting enough?

It may not be that the worship itself is boring. It very well could be that you need to examine your own relationship with the one being worshiped.

I know that is presumptuous on my part. Perhaps I have no business saying it. But I simply do not understand how we can be bored when we sing to and about the Creator of all that is. I do not comprehend how hearing of his great works can put someone to sleep.

I pray that you will again know the joy and the excitement of what it means to worship the living Savior. After all, if you truly know him you will be doing that for all of eternity!

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