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Are you living a life of sacrifice
pastor corner

This weekend, our nation will once again celebrate Veterans Day, honoring those who have served our country in all branches of military service.

It is understood that when someone enters into one of these branches that it is a commitment to sacrifice . Such a person is trained to be willing to sacrifice his or her life for each other and for this country.

By the way, many have and many still will. One example I heard recently was a story of a grenade getting thrown into an area where several soldiers were, when the closest one to it covered it with their body absorbing the impact. The result was that he died but saved the lives of those around him.

The Christian life also requires total commitment and lifelong sacrifice . Jesus was our example when he gave up his life on a cross so all who would seek forgiveness could be saved.

Paul told the Roman Church in Romans 12:1 that they were to present their bodies as living sacrifices. This means that if a person desires to follow Jesus then a life of total surrender is expected.

The vision of our church is that we want to equip people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. A staff ember once asked me, “How do we know when someone has achieved becoming a fully devoted follower?”

I thought long and hard before answering this question, but came up with this answer: You know someone is fully devoted when they could answer, “Yes,” to anything and everything the Lord would ask of them.

So the question I would ask of you today is are you in a place in your spiritual journey where you would answer, “Yes,” to anything God would ask of you? If not, make the decision today to surrender all.

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