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Al Gore? Inconceivable
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One of my favorite fun movies is "The Princess Bride." It has a beautiful princess, pirates, villains and the like. In one part of the movie, the beautiful princess Buttercup has been abducted by three villains led by a brilliant Sicilian named Vizzini.

The hero, the Man in Black, has tracked them down and is performing great deeds of daring-do to recover her. Every time the Man in Black overcomes an obstacle placed in his way by Vizzini, the villain proclaims the hero’s feat to be "Inconceivable!" After four or more times of this, Vizzini’s co-henchman looks at him and says with some puzzlement, "I do not think that word means what you think it means."

I mention this merely as a suggestion to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee that they may want to watch this movie. Since they are responsible for selecting the winner of the Peace Prize, they should at least have an inkling of what the word "peace" means. Given their most recent selection, along with some of their previous ones, it’s obvious they don’t have a clue as to what "peace" really means.

I mean, really, Al Gore? AL GORE? The man wouldn’t know what peace means if it fell out the sky and took him out like a smart bomb (such an occurrence would certainly bring some peace to my life, but that’s another matter).

Were I on the committee, I would be hard-pressed to find a less qualified recipient. What has the man ever done that has brought peace to anyone? Has he brokered a cessation of hostilities between nations?

Spread his wealth in a humanitarian effort to eliminate poverty, hunger or disease? Done anything worthwhile as Vice President? I suppose holding illegal fundraisers at Buddhist temples counts as dabbling with peace? If peace means dissension, fear-mongering, thought control and extremism, then I suppose he is the best candidate.

There are 6 billion people on this planet, and Al Gore was the best person they could find? Give me a break! Of course, given their history, one shouldn’t expect much more from a bunch of elitist socialist Europeans. When you look at previous winners, it’s not a great surprise. Let’s see, Jimmy Carter. As misguided and bigoted as he is, at least he had the Camp David accords and Habitat for Humanity to his credit. I’m not saying he was worthy to win, but at least one could put forth the pretence that he helped the cause of peace. I believe a year or so ago, some woman from Africa won the prize for planting trees all over Africa. Great. Worthy cause. Worthy of the world’s most exclusive prize for peace? Nope.

In fact, the only winner of the Peace Prize who truly merits the award in recent memory is Mother Teresa. Look at some of the potential candidates they’ve ignored over the years. Pope John Paul II. President Ronald Reagan. Both those men were highly influential in causing the end of the Cold War and the destruction of Communism. If that didn’t contribute directly to the cause of peace, I don’t know what has.

It seems that in order to be seriously considered for this prize, you have to be a liberal extremist environmentalist who falls in line with the committee’s notions of socialism. Alfred Nobel would be rolling in his grave. When you look at some of the nominees, it’s enough to make you weep. Let’s see-some of the nominees were Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey and Rush Limbaugh. Don’t get me wrong-I love Rush, but being a celebrity does not mean you merit the Nobel Peace Prize. This is whole thing is a rather obscene joke.

Al Gore won the prize ostensibly for his efforts in promoting the idea of global warming with his movie "An Inconvenient Truth." A more apt title should be "An Inconceivable Truth," based on his faulty interpretation of the facts. The irony in all this is that he will no doubt fly to Norway to receive his prize on a private jet, thus spewing thousands of pounds of exhaust into the atmosphere and contributing directly to more global warming (according to his own theories). A true environmentalist would decline all the hoopla and say, "Just wire me the money." Fat chance of that happening.

When the world has taken someone like Al Gore and offered him up as the greatest thing to peace the world has been able to find, I think it’s over. We’re done. We’re finished. Western Civilization is no more.

Everything in our world has been turned upside down. What used to be vilified is now praised. Stupidity is the new intelligence. A love for power, control and good only for self has replaced what used to be the universal notion of love for fellow man. Al Gore has no love for mankind, only for himself and his pockets. True peace can only come when the world adheres to the principles of Christianity and the Golden Rule. We need examples of people who live these ideals. Al Gore is absolutely not that person.

My final word to the Nobel Committees-with this selection, you have officially notified the world that you as an entity are a pathetic joke. All credibility is gone when you select a fool. Absolutely inconceivable.


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