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A thank you to residents for keeping Old Glory flying in Richmond Hill
Letter to the editor
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Editor, When I drive south on Highway 17 and cross over the viaduct, I see one of the most beautiful sights, Old Glory waving in the winds.

This flag means so much to a veteran. It means a symbol of freedom. So many Americans have fought and died for that great symbol.
It reminds me of an article written about the flag, the author is unknown:

“This flag...symbol of the hopes of men, this cloth of dreams for freedom, justice and opportunity — its stars like beacons guiding us through times of adversity, its stripes like wounds of struggle, this flag flies the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hold high this flag and keep its promise bright, for in it lies hope for all.”

We can thank the citizens of Richmond Hill for their donations to keep Old Glory flying.
—Bill Helms
Commander, American Legion Post 27

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