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A miracle of God’s grace
pastor corner

Several years ago, I was a pastor in a particular community in South Carolina when I witnessed firsthand a miracle from God. Actually, in this story there is a couple of miracles.

I received a phone call one evening telling me that a man who was connected with our church had been involved in a serious car accident. Earlier that day an old army buddy had come to town and wanted to go out for the evening since they hadn’t seen each other in quite a while. On the way home his friend did not make a curve in the road and hit a large tree.

The person from our church fell forward and hit his chest on the dash of the car causing major injury. The family and I didn’t know if he would be alive when we arrived at the hospital. We waited for a while and then a doctor came out and told us the situation. When this man hit the dash, it severed a main artery and the only thing preventing a rupture was a thin layer of tissue. He said that most people with this type of injury do not make it to the hospital alive. I was able to pray with this gentleman who began to trust in the Lord for his salvation but also was trusting Him for another miracle of a successful surgery.

As we waited outside the hospital during surgery another miracle did happen. The family dog had disappeared from the home a few weeks earlier, but suddenly appeared outside this hospital 15 miles from its home. The son who was about 10 looked up with surprise and saw this pet and called for him and he ran to us. We got news that the surgery was over, and the doctor wanted to talk to us, so we all turned towards the nurse. When we turned back around towards the dog it had disappeared never to be seen again. I never understood what happened concerning this pet, but we all looked at it as some kind of confirmation.

The great news is that this man made it just fine through surgery and after recover ended up being a leader in our church. It was all through God’s grace and mercy. This should not be a surprise to we who are believers, for this is who God is.

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