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Willard seeks a second term
Says decisions made now will impact county for years to come
Willard Glen
Glen Willard

Bryan County Commissioner Glen Willard qualified to run for a second term earlier this week.

Later in the week, Henry Luis Rey, Jr. also qualified to run for the position.

"The easiest thing would be to not run again – that’s the easy choice," Willard said. "But this is where my family and I want to live; I want my children to grow up in this community. Bryan County is my permanent home."

Willard said his family has been very encouraging of his work as a county commissioner.

"My wife is very supportive and knows a lot of the decisions we make in the next several years are going to have a big affect on the local community," Willard said. "We have an opportunity to impact that."

Willard said a lot of good things have happened in Bryan County in the last several years and he said there’s been a lot of progress. He also noted there are a few things he would like to continue seeing through in a second term.

"I’d like to make sure that we continue to see the new recreation facility and there are some roads we’re close to making headway with in Bryan County," he said. "I’ve got young children and a lot of residents tell me we need something to be proud of and the new Henderson Park is one of the things I’m most excited about."

Willard said he’s also looking forward to continuing his involvement with the recently created Water and Sewer Authority, as well as future development.

"We’re in such a popular area on the coast and we have an opportunity to have the best kind of growth and development here," he said.

While Willard said taxes are always an issue the county is looking at, he pointed out all the commissioners live and pay taxes locally.

"I live here and I don’t want to pay more taxes," he said. "All the commissioners are residents and pay taxes just like everybody else. But I’ve met a lot of commissioners from other counties across Georgia whose counties are in debt – we are very strong financially and our budgets are right in line."

Willard said if he is elected, he can offer more experience and expertise the second time around.

"The first year or so as a new commissioner, you’re in training and in classes," he said. "I feel that I am going to bring more value in my second term, now that I understand all the processes and am very comfortable with my position."

As far as the local political scene, Willard is one of the youngest elected county or city officials and he said he is glad he’s been able to represent the 40-something community.

Willard is the president of Savannah Aviation and has several real estate holding companies in the area.

He grew up in Savannah and has been in Richmond Hill for nearly 20 years. He and his wife Liana have two children, Morgan and Karsyn.



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