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Weather fails to dampen See Spot Run
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It was on an overcast, brisk Saturday morning that the annual See Spot Run event took place at Richmond Hill’s J.F. Gregory Park. Approximately 100 dogs, and over 150 humans, showed up to run; some driven by a spirit of competition, others by a desire to bond with man’s best friend, and still others by their ardor for helping out a good cause.

The competitors, both human and pooch, ranged from all walks of life. The spectrum of dog breeds present was fantastic; spreading from stately, powerful Great Danes to scurrying Scottish Terriers. Likewise the canines’ biped counterparts were just as varied in age, motive and fleetness of foot.

Children ran alongside their best friends while grown men surged forward with their energetic companions following suit, while at the same time the more veteran of our community walked, jogged, and ran spryly along the trail; all joined by their love for dogs, their community, and the purity of exercise, competition and the freshness of a late March morning.

However, as in any race there had to be a winner and after the sneakers set to pounding and the nails to clicking over the gravel/pavement course it was Joe Chester and his Weimaraner companion Sampson who burnt up the slightly-longer-than 5k course and emerged victorious. Joe and Sampson, along with the other placing men’s and women’s teams, took home both ribbons and, of course, silver trophy dog bowls.

But judging by the looks on their faces, the runners, of both species involved didn’t need an aluminum dish or strip of fabric to make them feel accomplished. The mutual feeling of achievement and tired joy that filled the crowded pavilion after the race is a testament to the quiet ecstasy that can be found amongst those that have sweat and toiled together in pursuit of their passion, or just a pleasant morning.

Drawing on the high turnout rate, large amounts of money raised for a terrific cause, and the great and obvious satisfaction of the athletes, it’s easy to consider this year’s See Spot Run race a success.


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