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Updated election results; Kendrick defeats Bacon
Election Day at the polling center inside JF Gregory Park. - photo by Ross Blair

North Bryan voters chose challenger Joe Kendrick over incumbent First District County Commissioner Ed Bacon on Tuesday in the only contested local race.

Bacon couldn’t be reached. Kendrick said he was going to treat campaign workers to a meal.

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet, but I’m the winner," he said. "I feel good about it. I really appreciate all the support I received from District 1. They supported me well. When I come out, I come out to win, and that’s what I did. I’m going to celebrate by carrying those who worked with me out to dinner."

Another winner may have been the political process.

Bryan County Elections Superintendent Sam Davis said Election Day went smoothly, thanks in part to early turnout that saw more than 7,000 county residents vote.

"We had no problems with the machines. Everything worked," he said. "We over prepared for this election and had a lot more personnel than we actually needed. We had to make sure we had everybody covered and we did."

(Note: Over in Candler County, Pembroke bussinessman K.K. Ausbon lost his bid for Candler County Sheriff  2,805 - 608 to incumbent Homer Bell).

Bryan County totals minus absentee ballots. Results unofficial.

Unless otherwise noted, I denotes incumbent, R – Republican, D – Democrat, L-Libertarian.


John McCain (R) 9,105

Barack Obama (D) 3,630

Bob Barr (L) 89

Write-in votes: 30


U.S. Senate

Saxby Chambliss (I,) (R) 7,952

Jim Martin (D) 3,732

Allen Buckley (L) 497

Write-in votes: 10



H. Doug Everett (I) (R) 8,812

John. H. Monds (L) 2,151

Write-in votes: 16



Lauren McDonald (R) 7,632

Jim Powell (D) 3,551

Brandon Givens (L) 514

Write-in votes: 7


U.S. House District 1

Jack Kingston (I) (R) 9,692

Bill Gillespie (D) 2,718

Write-in votes: 6


State Senate 1

Eric Johnson (I) (R) 10,425

Write-in votes: 76


State House 158

Bob Lane (I) (R) 2,760

Write-in votes: 19

State House 164

Ron Stephens (I) (R) 7,448

Write-In votes: 51


Probate Court Judge:

Sam Davis Jr. (I) (R) 10,511

Write-in votes: 43


Superior Court Clerk:

Rebecca Crowe (I) (R) 10,590

Write-in votes: 37



Clyde Smith (I) (R) 10,502

Write-in votes: 88


Tax commissioner

Debra Newman (I) (R) 10,777

Write-in votes: 39



Bill Cox (R) 10,380

Write-in votes: 43



Ray C. Smith (I) (D) 9,118

Write-in votes: 101


County commission chairman

Jimmy Burnsed (I) (R) 10,408

Write-in votes: 58


District 1 county commission

Rufus “Ed” Bacon (I) (R) 805

Joe Kendrick (D) 1,006

Write-in votes: 3


District 3 county commission

Glen Willard (I) (R) 3,601

Write-in votes: 21


Vice chairman, school board

Jeff Morton (R) 10,155

Write-in votes: 52


District 2, school board

Dennis Seger (R) 1,418

Write-in votes: 9


District 3, school board

Charlie Johnson (R) 3,593

Write-in votes: 22


Georgia Supreme Court justice

Robert Benham (I) 9,367

Write-in votes: 26


Georgia Supreme Court justice

Harris Hines (I) 9,369

Write-in votes: 26


Court of Appeals judge

Gary B. Andrews (I) 9,356

Write-in votes: 26


Court of Appeals judge

Charles Mikell (I) 9,449

Write-in votes: 29


Court of Appeals judge

Tamela L. Adkins 1,037

Sara Doyle 2,195

Bruce Edenfield 2,172

C.J. McFadden 975

Perry J. McGuire 534

M. Meyer Von Bremen 277

Mike Sheffield 1,410

Write-in votes: 39


Superior Court judge

David L. Cavender (I) 9,152

Write-in votes: 28


Superior Court judge

Charles Paul Rose (I) 9,044

Write-in votes: 29


Superior Court judge

Robert L. Russell (I) 9,099

Write-in votes: 26


State Court judge

Jack E. Carney (I) 9,523

Write-in votes: 36


Soil and Water conservation

William Tillman 9,327

Write-in votes: 32


Constitutional Amendment No. 1

Yes 8,410

No 3,391

Constitutional Amendment No. 2

Yes 6,013

No 5,734


Constitutional Amendment No. 3

Yes 5,379

No 5,769


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