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Unofficial election results are in
Richmond Hill, Pembroke and ESPLOST
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Candidates for Richmond Hill city council seats got in some last minute campaigning on Election Day.

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Richmond Hill results

Post 3

Jimmy Hires - 507

Van Hunter - 216

Post 4

Billy Albritton - 264

Marilyn Hodges - 254

Kevin Artz - 108

Darryl Petermann - 85

Results are unofficial. Votes must be certified.

Based on turnout, Election Day came with plenty of anticipation in Richmond Hill. While the results are still unofficial, one thing is certain – the community came out to vote.

Bryan County Probate Court Judge Sam Davis said the Richmond Hill city Election brought a much better turn out than expected.

"We don’t have the official count, but I’m guessing a lot more than anticipated – between 650 and 700 votes all together, including the absentee ballots. That’s what it’s looking like it’s going to be right now. Usually, an average election brings in about 350 to 400 votes. I’m sure the city officials must be happy with this turnout."

Though the results announced early Tuesday night are unofficial, Hires appeared to have handily defeated challenger Van Hunter for Post 3 by nearly a two-to-one margin. With Marilyn Hodges and Billy Albritton as the top two candidates for Post 4, they will be on the ballots again for the Dec. 4 Runoff Election.

Pembroke City Election

District 1

Johnnie Miller, Sr. – 75

District 2

Elijah Lewis, Jr. – 54

Douglas C. Kangeter – 64

District 3

Anthony Greeson – 87

District 4

Randall O. Butler – 63

Tiffany M. Walraven – 136


Ernest Hamilton – 238

Angela M. Reed – 300


Judy B. Cook – 386


Joey Burnsed – 9

Results unofficial until certified.

Bryan County Special ESPLOST

With all 10 precincts in, the count was 880-278 in favor of renewing ESPLOST, the penny sales tax for education, though that count did not include absentee ballots and votes still must be certified.

Davis said the election went well overall. Despite the two different election sites, there were a significant number of community members who did participate in both elections.

While the absentee ballots were still being counted, Davis said it was pretty much a shoo-in.

"I don’t think there’s any way for the absentee ballots to throw it, there weren’t that many that came in. The current numbers, even though it is still unofficial, are showing that it passed," he said.

Look for more election coverage online soon, and in Saturday paper.

The votes by precinct:

- 122 yes, 19 no in Precinct 1 Pembroke West, American Legion, 1040 Hwy 280 West

- 218 yes, 36 no in Precinct 2 Pembroke East, City Hall, 160 N Main Street

- 66 yes, 20 no in Precinct 3 Ellabell, Hendrix Park Gym, 4060 Wilma Edwards Road

- 27 yes, 22 no in Precinct 4 Blitchton Fire Station, 4747 US Hwy 80


- 103 yes, 50 no in Precinct 5 Ways Station, First Baptist Church, 9150 Ford Avenue


- 31 yes, 8 no in Precinct 6 Daniel Siding, Daniel Siding Baptist Church, Daniel Siding Loop Road

- 109 yes, 31 no in Precinct 7 RH Recreation Complex, 508 Timber Trail          

- 65 yes, 32 no in Precinct 8 Hwy 144 East, St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church, 16491 Hwy 144

- 93 yes, 28 no in Precinct 9 Hwy 144, Corinth Baptist Church, 19536 Hwy 144

 - 46 yes, 32 no in Precinct 10 J.F. Gregory Park, John W. Stevens Wetlands Education Center, 600 Cedar Street

- Jessica Holthaus, Mindy Boyette

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