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Two arrested for drug sales at RH liquor store

Police have arrested two men allegedly selling drugs at the BB&J Beverage store near Publix on Hwy. 144 in Richmond Hill, according to authorities.

Jason Heath Griffith of Richmond Hill and Embree Curtis Minchey Jr. were both arrested on Sept. 3 after authorities with the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotic’s team, Richmond Hill Police Department and Bryan County Sheriff’s Office executed arrest and search warrants at the store. Police say this followed a month-long investigation and undercover drug buys at the store.

Drugs allegedly found during the search included Xanax, Hydrocodone, Roxycodone, Cymbalta, Methadone and Oxycontin.

Griffith, whose mother owns the business, said no narcotics were found inside the store and denies any allegations that drugs have been sold at BB&J.

CNT Commander Roy Harris said the prescription drugs were found in Minchey’s vehicle, just outside the store. He said Griffith has had the above listed narcotics, as well as marijuana, available for sale at BB&J.

"Griffith was selling to people he knew and others," Harris said. "It appears as if Minchey was his supplier for the prescription drugs."

Harris said he is not yet sure where or how Minchey received the drugs.

The investigation was conducted at the request of RHPD Chief Billy Reynolds. Reynolds said he prompted it when he received multiple complaints from parents of local youth. He said he does not know if the kids actually purchased drugs from BB&J.

Reynolds said this type of crime could potentially shut down the liquor store.

He said he will submit a report to the city, and they may consider the information in regard to permits.

Griffith is being charged with selling marijuana and controlled substances. He was released from Bryan County Jail on Sept. 4 after a $6,500 bond was posted.

Minchey is being charged with possession of controlled substances and failure to keep controlled substances in correct containers. His $10,500 bond was posted on Sept. 5.

"This investigation was driven by citizen complaints," Harris said. "Hats off to the individuals who tipped off the RHPD. We encourage others to do so when they observe criminal activity."

Last year, the RHPD joined forces with CNT, which Reynolds said has given his department a lot more resources to investigate suspected drug activity.

"I’m very happy with the results thus far. This is what we joined up with CNT for, and this is only the beginning," Reynolds said.

Harris said Richmond Hill is the first municipality to be a part of CNT. Several county sheriffs’ departments, including Bryan's, are currently associated with CNT.

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