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True American treasure gets some fixing up

A Richmond Hill landmark has been restored to its former glory. Proprietors of the Ford Plantation unveiled the many renovations they have undertaken on the main house, formerly Henry and Clara Ford’s mansion, on Oct. 23 during a gala black tie event.

"This house is a true American treasure," said Kethes Srikanthan, a longtime club member of Ford Plantation.

Wendy Dayton, Chairman of the Ford House Committee, said the unveiling was the end product of 10 months of restoration and décor.

"It was in quite of bit of disrepair and needed a lot of new furniture and new paint and new floors, and we pretty much did it from top to bottom," Dayton said.

Plantation President Peter Gummo said some new furniture was added, but the layout and the structure remains as it was in the 1920’s, when the Fords resided there.

The house was used as the subdivision’s club house, but is now an events center.

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