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Truck drivers allegedly robbed
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Two UPS truck drivers were robbed at gunpoint at around 5 a.m. Friday morning in the back parking lot of the Richmond Hill McDonald’s on Hwy. 17, police said.

Police were still searching for the alleged robbers, two black males and one white male, late Friday afternoon. The men were gone from the scene by the time RHPD arrived, but an officer spotted one armed suspect in the woods behind McDonald’s, according to RHPD Chief Billy Reynolds.

Reynolds said three shots were fired by the officer, but there are no injuries or arrests to report. He did not say why the officer opened fire.

A McDonald’s employee said no one in the restaurant witnessed the crime and the occurrence eluded their exterior surveillance cameras. She also said the two UPS trucks were the only trucks parked in the back lot at the time. The lot behind the restaurant is a popular rest stop for 18-wheelers.

Reynolds said the city has between 10 and 25 armed robberies per year, with much of it in the same general area.

He attributes much of that to the close proximity of the highway, which makes it an easy in and out for potential criminals

Reynolds said most of the armed robberies are isolated incidents. He said the Holiday Inn near that same McDonald’s played victim to an armed robber a couple weeks ago.



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