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Tragedy strikes Pembroke family again
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Stephan and Shelia Way’s mobile home on W.E. Smith Road in Pembroke was nearly destroyed by fire around 3 p.m. on May 27.

There were no reported injuries, but this is the second recent tragedy for the Way family because Stephan is also currently recovering from injuries he received inside the Imperial Sugar refinery during the plant’s explosion in February.

Assistant County Fire Chief Otis Willis said the trailer was not completely destroyed, but it will most likely be declared as such because it can’t be lived in after all the fire damage.

Shelia Way said she was at work when the fire started, but her husband and 9-year-old son Zachary were at the residence. She said her husband was outside mowing the lawn while her son was watching TV inside the residence.

"Zachary said he saw a flash and a spark out of the corner his eye right before the place caught on fire," she said.

She said her son searched for the family cat and dog before running outside. Meanwhile, she said her husband looked up to see the home on fire and ran inside to rescue his son.

"He (Stephen) looked out the window from inside the home to see Zachary in the yard holding his beagle," she said. "The cat was inside, but ran out the back door after firefighters broke the door down."

She said her family and the community have been a big help, as they were after the refinery explosion. While working at the plant, Stephen was blown through two walls from the explosion as he was merely 20 feet from the silo that combusted.

He is still recovering from third degree burns and a head fracture.

The family is staying with Shelia’s sister and Pembroke resident Miranda Purvis said they lost everything in the fire.

The Stephen Way Trust Fund has been set up for the family at First Bank of Coastal Georgia.

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