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Supreme court runoff is Tuesday
Tamela Adkins

Two candidates for Georgia Supreme Court justice suvived through general elections:

David Nahmias
ATLANTA (AP) — A single word could describe Justice David E. Nahmias’ focus as he finishes a surprisingly tough campaign to keep his seat on the Supreme Court of Georgia: information.
He said that in his first year on the court, he deliberately issued concurrences to inform lawyers how he approaches cases. As a former U.S. Justice Department lawyer who worked with early terrorism matters, he said he is disappointed authorities still don’t have enough information — in the form of agreed-upon rules — to know how to deal with terrorism suspects more than nine years after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Tamela Adkins
ATLANTA (AP) — Tamela L. Adkins is no longer the invisible candidate.
Although she did essentially no campaigning in the months running up to the election, the Lawrenceville divorce lawyer received enough votes on Nov. 2 — 35.2 percent — to force the incumbent, Justice David E. Nahmias, into a runoff on Nov. 30.
Nahmias won 48.2 percent, falling just short of the majority needed to win outright. In the midst of a four-week campaign to do the unprecedented in modern Georgia politics — unseat a sitting Supreme Court justice — Adkins stopped by the Daily Report to talk about her career, the work of the court and why she’s just now beginning to campaign for the highest judicial post in the state.

Sunday's Coastal Courier has more complete  biographies of both  candidates

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