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Plan to detail area important resources
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The Coastal Regional Commission is requesting nominations of cultural, historic and natural resources for inclusion in the Regionally Important Resources Plan for the Region.  The nomination form is attached.  
Nominations are being solicited from the region’s stakeholders including local governments, governmental agencies, individuals and interested organizations. The closing date for nominations must is Aug, 30.
Nominations need to be very specific and include a map showing a defined area/boundary, and descriptions of value and of the vulnerability of the resource.
All nominations received will be reviewed by the CRC staff and the local government where the nominated site is located for recommendation of inclusion as a RIR.  
All the nominated sites with the recommendations will be presented to the CRC Council for final decision as a RIR.
Included with this request is the Regionally Important Resources Plan Fact Sheet providing an overview of the purpose, process and content of the plan.  The nomination form and fact sheet are available on the CRC’s website, under Planning and Government Services’ Environmental Planning Page.  
For more information contact Chris Emmer, Environmental Planner at 912-262-2872 or via email at

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