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LA man builds small home for homeless lady
Elvis Summers constructs a small house for homeless lady living near his street in Los Angeles. - photo by Tyler Stahle
Elvis Summers was tired of seeing homeless people in his Los Angeles neighborhood hurting. So when a 60-year-old homeless woman nicknamed "Smokie" knocked on his door day after day, asking for recyclables she could exchange for cash, Summers went the extra mile. He built her a house.

Using scrap wood and other spare materials, Summers set to work constructing a small shelter, a place that would let Smokie sleep with more comfort than where she had been the dirt.

In less than a week, Summers had completed the small home, built on wheels, so that it can be moved every 72 hours in compliance with local police policy.

When asked about the project, or if he planned to make a profit off his efforts, Summers said he isnt motivated by money or fame but just wants to help another human being.

Ive met so many homeless people, good people, he said as quoted on Since I built Smokies, Ive had several people ask me to make them a tiny home and its turned into much more than just the one house I wanted to build.

When Summers handed over the house keys to Smokie, he also presented her with a cellphone, just in case she needs to get hold of him. Summers is also now planning to make this project bigger and influence more of the homeless in Los Angeles.

Check out the video of Summers constructing the house here.
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