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Do you follow the rules you give your children?
Are parents listening to the rules they give to their children? - photo by Herb Scribner
The life of a child is one filled with toys, sugary sweets and, well, rules.

Pick up your toys! Wash the dishes. Say please and thank you.

You get the gist.

But are there some rules that parents should have to follow, too?

Reddit users sounded off on which rules children follow that adults should follow too. (Note: this thread contains mature language).

Some responses were simple. One user suggested adults learn to use your inside voice and another said adults should always say please and thank you.

Reddit user lukestrauntaun said adults should know that if someone else is speaking, let them finish before you start talking."

Respect also was a common suggestion from users. User KityPitty said adults should learn to respect the peoples privacy.

Adults should learn to wash their hands, too, users said.

I work in a grocery store. You have no idea how many people I've been in the restroom and witnessed people leaving without washing their hands, user adieuaudie wrote. It has made me a bit of a germaphobe, and I always make a point to use a paper towel to open restroom doors now. People are disgusting.

In fact, that was a popular suggestion. User brown_cake said hand washing was a necessary rule for adults.

Even in high school that's an issue. Near the bathrooms there are the vending machines, brown_cake wrote. My psych teacher, who also teaches other medical related classes had students go swab different parts of the school. The people that swabbed the vending machines would always find high amounts of fecal material. And that's how we realized, that people neglect to wash their hands and go to get a snack from the vending machine of all places.

This thread comes at a time when adult manners are being called into question. YouGov reported in 2012 that Americans mostly still follow good manners, but there's a growing concern that Americans have lost a little of their politeness.

Having bad manners is also the biggest societal issue for British people, according to a 2008 study. Adults and children alike have taken up swearing, spitting and disrespectful tendencies, which many British say has had a negative impact on society.

Similarly, Americans are concerned with peoples mobile phone manners, according to a study cited by The National Post. The 2011 study said Americans see about five inappropriate uses of technology like texting while driving, using a laptop while driving or using a cellphone in the bathroom per day, and they arent thrilled about it.

The aforementioned Reddit thread, then, may be a good reminder for parents to teach their children manners so that these trends dont continue.

After all, a childs behavior rarely changes when he or she becomes an adult. A 2010 study from the University of California, Riverside found that childhood behaviors stay with people as adults, Science Daily reported.

The study specifically looked at how verbally fluent, adaptable, impulsive and self-minimizing children were, and found that those traits carried over when those children grew up.

"We remain recognizably the same person," Christopher S. Nave, lead author of the researcher, said, according to Science Daily. "This speaks to the importance of understanding personality because it does follow us wherever we go across time and contexts."
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